Birthday Wishes For Wife

A collection of Birthday Wishes For Wife

I just want to say how lucky I am to have a partner like you in my life. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

If I was granted one wish to be able to change anything in my life, it would be nothing. Because dear wifey, you make everything look perfect! Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

Today is the best day of the year because it is your Birthday. Although I must say that having you in my life, everyday seems like dream come true. Happy Birthday darling!

I know you can read me inside out. And that's exactly why I want you to feel the love that I have for you. I will forever love you. Happy Birthday sweetheart.

If a genie decided to grant me one wish, I would tell him that I've already got what I want in life - a loving and caring wife like you. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday dear.

All the presents in the world can't make up for the love and affection you have showered upon me. But I do hope that you like what I've got for you today! Happy Birthday my dear darling.

Sometimes it seems that I don't see all the special things you do to make our home such a special place to live. But, I want you to know I couldn't ask for a better wife and a better mother for our family. Happy Birthday to the most special person in my life!

You made me fall in love with you all over again! I am thinking of you on this important day and wishing you joy and love all year through!

You are more beautiful and sweeter each year. And you know how I can’t resist sweet things! Wish you a very happy and sweet birthday, darling!

Your passion,
Your heart,
Your dreams,
They're what lead you to life's
Most beautiful places.
Happy Birthday, dear wife!

My favorite place on this planet is your heart. You are the love of my life. Happy Birthday to you, angel!

I want to wish you a treasure
Of happiness from the year gone by,
And I want to give you a lasting reminder
That you are very special to me
And you always will be.
Warm wishes for a Happy Birthday to you!

I can never thank God enough to have sent you for me in the form of an angel. Thank you for filling our home with so much happiness. Happy Birthday, my love!

As we travel together the pathway of life, my love for you grows stronger every day. I am so lucky to have you for my wife! May the Lord bless you and keep you.


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